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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our quest for innovation, research, and excellence provides the foundation for all B&B Italia’s activities, and from the outset these have been linked to our commitment to civil society’s fundamental values: respect for the environment and observance of ethical principles. Our determination to pursue these objectives is expressed in our corporate culture, in our relations both with institutions and with our partners all along the chain of production.


Organisation, Management and Control Model
(pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 231/2001)
and code of ethics of B&B Italia S.p.A.


Corporate Compliance with the law, transparency, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, good faith and the development of human resources are the ethical values and principles that have accompanied B&B Italia S.p.A. since the company was established, making it a leader in the fields of both designer residential and contract furniture over the years. These essential principles inspired the corporate code of ethics (hereinafter “ Code of Ethics”) which clearly and unequivocally defines the values B&B Italia. Acknowledged as essential traits of its identity and corporate culture, its benchmarks for business transactions and activities, factors that define the commitment to excellence of companies that, like B&B Italia, have always focused on ensuring the highest level of quality. In addition to its own Code of Ethics, B&B Italia, in the conduct of corporate activities, has deemed it appropriate to analyze and strengthen all the instruments of control and corporate governance already adopted, implementing and regularly updating the organization, management and control Model, provided for by Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 and subsequent amendments and additions (hereinafter the "Model"). On July 3rd, 2013, the Board of Directors of B&B Italia S.p.A. adopted the first version of its Model. In consideration of the subsequent interventions of the Law aimed at extending the scope of application of Legislative Decree 231/2001 and of the new case-law guidelines consolidated in the meantime, the aforementioned Model has been amended on 24 October 2018 and subsequently updated and then approved by the Board of Directors with a resolution dated June 29th, 2021. This version of the Model, therefore, completely replaces the previous one.

Within the framework of their respective functions and responsibilities, the administrators, all employees, collaborators and auditors shall comply with and ensure compliance with the all the provisions of the Model and the Code of Ethics. Compliance with these two documents is explicitly also requested from all third parties that work closely with B&B Italia S.p.a. and/or that act on behalf of the company for any reason or whose actions are related to the company.



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